RipCurl Pro 2021 - Day 2

6th of April 2021                                                                                                                                                                                 Luxe&

RipCurl Pro – Day 2 – Women’s Heats

Day 2 of the Women’s Rip Curl Pro in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia opened with two rookies debuting their talents.  New comer Isabella Nichols (Australia) was victorious over ranked favourite Tatiana Weston-Webb (Brazil). 

The following heat showcased another rookie Keely Andrew (Australia), who surprised everyone by confidently beating #3 ranked Sally Fitzgibbons (Australia).  The lack swell during this heat played in the hands of Andrew’s as she opened with a lead.

Next up was #1 Ranked Tyler Wright (Australia) vs #9 Ranked Courtney Conlogue (USA).  This was a battle of strategies.  Wright with a slick decision to stay in the shore breaks while/whilst Conlogue chose to stay out back with not a lot of swell. Wright opened with a few good rides in the shore break which gave her an early lead.  Wright later joined Conlogue out back and the battle was on.  A couple of strong rides from Courtney Conlogue, and a miss opportunity from Tyler Wright, falling on a big set opened the door for the win for Courtney Conlogue.  This match up was a true display of exciting surf in natural elements and how it factors in with strategy.

Wild Card and hometown favourite Phillippa Anderson (Australia) had some big turns but the experience and power of Carissa Moore (Hawaii) was to much for her to handle.

Joanne Defay (France) vs Nikki Van Dijk (Australia) both opened with two strong rides but Van Dijk could not find her rhythm and Joanne Defay surfed away with the win.

Bronte Macaulay (Australia) was very active throughout the heat with strong backhands.  This proved to be the key to victory over Lakey Peterson (USA) who appeared to be looking for one big turn.

Brisa Henessy (Costa Rica) vs Carissa Marks (USA) was a battle of the young guns. It was a nail- biting finish in the white water. The battle for wave priority bounced back and forth.  Caroline Marks who stayed in the lead for most of the time finished with the win. 

It was a fantastic Day 2 of surf and things look promising as the week ramps up for a weekend final.

Who will be this year’s 2021 Rip Curl Pro Champion?


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